That feeling…

Dear Violette,

for these  about one month i have to struggle sitting and hoping so that the MYE (mid-year exam) will finish as soon as possible. that feeling of being an Upper Secondary student is I have to sit the exam for one month long!!!! Nonsense,isn’t it? During this exam ‘season’, i always feel that ‘I’m busy, sorry. I have to study for the next paper. I can’t hang out with my friends’ bla bla bla~ I feel as I have to focus on the exam ONLY and I feel that I don’t have enough time for other activities. But, what can I do? Total of subjects increasing and that’s why it takes one month to finish.

Besides that, I have found my new favourite things ( or K-poppers called BIAS ) and it is a Korean drama. Finally, after a long duration of time I lost my ineterest to most of the thing involving Korea, FINALLY!! the title of the drama is…..


To those who have watched the drama, i know that you already know (WTH?) . Joo Won and UEE. I am watching UEE’s dramas currently that aired on TV ( i’m give on watching dramas online) which are Ojakgyo Brothers and Birdie Buddy. I hope that I can stand to watch it until the final because Ojakgyo Brothers have 58 episodes, dear! Hope it can make me enjoy a litte bit right now.

That’s it.


Don’t know what to put as a title

Dear Violette,

i’m kinda stress today.

Teachers reminded us of trial & PMR again and again.

They also said the class will be shuffled based on our result of M.Y.E (and maybe trial too)

I don’t want to been separated from my friends.

Although just for a few weeks.

Because i know the effect and consequences of this action.

They will just socialize with their ‘classmate’.

Elite Class, Economical Class.

Seriously, CASTE.

Wish me luck, then.

I hope my English will improved day by day because of all my entry are written in English.

p.s.: T-ara , Day by Day. I’m freaking love the mv’s concept and the song itself.

the feeling as a KRK student

Dear Violette,

for me,a KRK student the title is really deep and meaningful. i feel everything. the student from other classes cannot understand what we,the KRK students felt. it is ‘different’.

today,my English teacher asked about this since Open Day approach this Friday. maybe,she will meet our parents so she asked about us first,so she can discuss with our parents.

my parents will come. i hope they come early (because i want to watch Coffee Prince..)

back to main point,we,mostly feel ‘stress’. about everything. we have to look and care about our name,make sure that we top the Top 35 students Billboard,behave well,show a good example to our junior (the second generation of KRK students since we’re first) and more.

okay,the specific now is my feeling. i weak at English and.. what i don’t want to admit, science. i really love Science (i love English too) but i always thought that i can’t make my dream comes true,that is become a scientist at the future. now,my science teacher still MC and i can’t blame her for this. she just give offspring. she will come next month (August).

about English,yeah.. i really don’t understand about this. when i took the UPSR, english essay seem ‘not a really too big problem’ for me. maybe because i practise a lot. but now.. i read english a lot (maybe). prove? The Star newspaper,almost all website i visit are in English and my post in WordPress. it’s in English,right? (or not?)

and the stress to top the Billboard Top 35. it’s really hard for us to top the class chart,so this kind of Billboard. (or should i call Oricon?) i got 4th for latest exam (M.Y.E) but next month there will be Monthly Test (UP3) and seems i have to work harder.. & smarter. our English teacher (that i mentioned at the early of this post) also stated that we just can ‘protect’ our pride until 16th,then at 17th place,the class straightly under us got. but,the upper class of form 4 students of our school can protect their pride for 20th++ but us? the KRKs?

name? yeah.. everybody wants their name clean,praised by everyone bla bla bla.. so with us. more than that. we have to make sure we could get! BEST results than others, become our parents & school hopes and AHH!!! and i also feel pity to all my teachers who have to answer if the PKs ask why we,the KRKs can’t get all A’s.

that’s my feelings. my other classmates? i don’t know. maybe i should write this in my journal since my English teacher give the same title.

so… sayonara~

Freaky Friday?

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

today,we got the corrected mark sheet by our teacher and i actually on 4th. WTH!!!!!! i don’t tell my mom because i don’t want to disappoint her. just let me disappointed alone here.

yah.. that’s what freaky about today which is Friday.

but what’s more ‘freaky’ is ‘Freaky Friends’.seriously,now i’m really afraid to my freind from group B.they’re getting worst and day by day i think i’m not appropriate to be friend with them. why? because when i want to talk about homework,they gossiping. when i want to talk about previous drama that has end,as example Nora Elena but they talk about sale. i think that the way i think is not same as theirs. how i want to talk much with them when that’s only me that have to give up by just follow their topic or just keep silent? ahhh!!!!!

so that’s all. gotta play games at they provide many best games. Sayonara!!!

M.Y.E result!

Praise to Allah….

Dear my beloved blog, M.I.L.N.A.L,

the result of the M.Y.E has announced.although it’s just from a paper,i’m really happy. alhamdulillah. i got No.3 . Praise to you,Ya Allah… i never thought about it. i hope that i can maintain my place in the class.

if i see to my result in every subject,i got a few Bs. including English (as always), Science (why???) , Physical Education (i didn’t read at all). yah.. 3 Bs.while the other are As. i hope i can get better for E.O.Y. praise for me Okay?

the blogger.

M.Y.E-Day 2 & 3

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

sorry i didn’t post yesterday.maybe because i’m too nervous for science.

okay-day 2 i took English & Religion.english…. ahhh! i don’t want to think about it anymore.paper 1 is okay but paper 2,thanks to the teacher who made it.the section A is more to fact & you know when it comes to fact,i’ll reveal my ‘fact’.religion just okay.

day3-which is & art.first is science paper 2,thanks again to the teacher who made it!!!! really difficult! paper 1 okay & for the first time i feel easy for ART but it’s paper 1 only.

i’m GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow is geo & sivik. hope i can pass it.

since i’m going crazy,i served you the best mv of Song Ji Eun-Going Crazy