That feeling…

Dear Violette,

for these  about one month i have to struggle sitting and hoping so that the MYE (mid-year exam) will finish as soon as possible. that feeling of being an Upper Secondary student is I have to sit the exam for one month long!!!! Nonsense,isn’t it? During this exam ‘season’, i always feel that ‘I’m busy, sorry. I have to study for the next paper. I can’t hang out with my friends’ bla bla bla~ I feel as I have to focus on the exam ONLY and I feel that I don’t have enough time for other activities. But, what can I do? Total of subjects increasing and that’s why it takes one month to finish.

Besides that, I have found my new favourite things ( or K-poppers called BIAS ) and it is a Korean drama. Finally, after a long duration of time I lost my ineterest to most of the thing involving Korea, FINALLY!! the title of the drama is…..


To those who have watched the drama, i know that you already know (WTH?) . Joo Won and UEE. I am watching UEE’s dramas currently that aired on TV ( i’m give on watching dramas online) which are Ojakgyo Brothers and Birdie Buddy. I hope that I can stand to watch it until the final because Ojakgyo Brothers have 58 episodes, dear! Hope it can make me enjoy a litte bit right now.

That’s it.


제빵왕 김탁구 ( Baker King, Kim Tak Goo )

Dear Violette,

the title above is actually about a Korean drama. hehe,you have to understand me that addicted to Korean drama (but not all of them are my favourite) . Baker King, Kim Tak Goo is one of Korean drama that i like all the times that i just watch it ( and still watch it at 8tv )

the drama is about Kim Tak Goo, eldest son of Geosung’s president, Goo In Jung . Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Goo In Jong’s family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to In Jong’s mistress. Tak Goo’s determination to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.

high credit to Yoon Shi Yoon, a new face that potrayed Tak Goo. i never saw him before but he had done very well. and not forget to Kim Yoo Jin as Shin Yu Kyung, Joo Won as Goo Ma Jun and Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun. ( ijust know Lee Young Ah because she’d appeared in Iljimae before )

it premiere on 8TV every Monday to Friday, 2030-2130 hrs. i will scream everytime the scene change and to simply it, i can’t sit still to watch it. but,it’s obviously weird because almost all my friend ( that favor of Korean ) doesn’t like it. hey dear my pal, it reached the highest rating in South Korea, you know.

okay,that’s all. i’m slightly regret because i start watched it from Episode 3. it’s really a good drama. i hope Korean directors will make drama that not just based on love only,just like this drama.

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See You.