Dear Violette,

Last November, I’m started to fall in love with another k-pop boyband which I had ignored since their debut. It is not because I am totally hate them at that time, it just their debut song.. I cannot ‘consume’ it. However, everything changes this year. They debuted last 2 years, a few days after my birthday and they released full album, ‘XOXO’ early last year. ( I almost forgot that it’s 2014 now) So, can you guess who are the one that I mentioned right now?

It’s EXO!!!


You can just simply searches for their information and members profile in Wikipedia or Google, but I really want to talk about this new interest of mine.

How do I know EXO?

I watch their debut teasers of course. Oops! Teaser I mean. Because I just watch the first teaser,which featured Kai. Since then, I just know Kai as the member of EXO. The others? I’m too lazy to watch the other teasers. They are twelve and you can expect how many teasers  had been released. Why I could ‘accidentally’ watch their teasers since I do not really care about the Kpop rookies? because they are under S.M. Entertainment  , one of the big company that produce big stars. Okay, I did watched the ‘MAMA’ and ‘History’ mv but I just cannot ‘consume’ it. Maybe, it’s not the right time.

A year later…..

When the school holiday started last November, I try to listen to ‘Growl’ after watched MAMA awards. They perfomed on that night and I’m kinda interested to their song. I watch the mv, and then.. the obsession started. Almost everyday I searched about them and watch their videos and listen to their song. Until now, I like their song, ‘Growl’. I’m trying to accept ‘Wolf’ but it takes time because it’s too ‘unique’ for me.

So, what is your experience that related to EXO? Bad or happiness? Well, EXO had coloured my 2013 although I just know them 2 months ago (from now) and I hope they will continue to entertain us. Don’t forget to watch ‘EXO SHOWTIME‘ their very first variety show.