La langue

Bonjour!! Dear Violette,

haha! i don’t know why suddenly French virus in my head but now i want to talk about language or specific- foreign language.

i lived in Malaysia and go to government school where there are no other foreign language unless English (must take) , Mandarin & Tamil. i don’t know for swasta school. maybe they did.

today, in English lesson,we studied about the Rational Cloze. and we learned he basic english. is/are/has/have blablabla… suddenly,we met a French name and my friend who answered it speak the wrong pronounciation. our teacher corrected it and told us that Carrefour ( i don’t know the spelling) should be pronounce as ‘Carfoor’ not ‘carefour’. weird right? all this time we had pronounce it wrong! WTH!!

and suddenly our teacher told us that we can learned the foreign language in university and told us that she learned Japanese! (actually she had told me personally) she spell her name on the whiteboard and everybody automatically entered the Japanese class. (my heart beat fast and my will to learn Japanese turned stronger than before) My main problem now is even the alphabet of Hiragana+Katakana i still doesn’t memorize and how i want to take the next step? many people say that not everybody is power in Kanji because it’s Chinese character (similar to Hanja) and my problem reduce a bit. and plus, i learn it by myself without a teacher and i ever think to ask my English teacher to teach me Japanese but i know it’s impossible since i’m very weak in English and now i want to learn another foreign language!

what can i do, EFFORT + TAWAKAL. i also cannot leave my study behind since i can learn it in university one day.

so,that’s all. enjoy TVXQ aka Tohoshinki new mv f B.U.T. (BEAUTY) pv.