I’m that mentally problematic girl

Dear Violette,

Me. Problem. No. Separate. Always. Distracted. With. Those. Little. Thing. That. I. Have. Decided. To. Forget. Damn.

If your friend has been called for a counseling  session,what will you feel for her? Thinking that her problem is too big until she has to be called or feel sorry for her or you want to stay away from her because you think she cannot handle her own problem and afraid that you might have to go through her problems too?

What do you feel when somebody that close enough to you arrange for that counseling session because that person may thinks that you cannot solve your own problem?

I feel that if somebody , although close enough to me but had arranged for a counseling session , specially for me, our relationship will getting more far away, no solution and, that means the person doesn’t know me well. Seriously. I feel stupid, because there is other people think I cannot handle myself and just let myself down along the stress. 

If, if I can say these words to that person..,

” For your information, I’m the neutraliser for my own problem, the problems that I create by myself. I think that the problem sort like acidic and I have to be an alkali to neutralise it. If the problem comes as an alkali, I have to be acidic to neutralise it. Sounds like the neutralisation process, right? Forgive me for my science-brain.

If the problem has reach its maximum value and I am not afford to make it to its minimum value like before, then it’s the right time to search for a consult. But, almost all the time, I can handle it because, I have Allah. He helps me. A lot actually. Better than that counselor teacher. 

After this, I hope that our relationship will be normal, just like once. I plead to you, don’t do this to me, again. If you did, than I cannot control myself to hate you soon. “







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