New Year, New Story, New Atmosphere

Wow! Violette! (Luckily I still remember your name,hehehe~) 

When I choose to open this tab of WordPress, I know that I will sacrifice about half an hour of my ‘online-time’ just to post this entry. Well, quite a long story to be told. Wait, I didn’t post for the new year,right? So, this will be the first entry for this year.

So, how am I do? First, new year means everything (almost) will be new to me. But, there will be some thing that remain the same. This year, I am a high-school student. 2 years before i will see that whole wide world outside there,you know?

#FYI , I take pure science stream for this high-school years. But, wait.. maybe this is just for temporary. If I feel that I cannot ‘accept’ that Bio-thing, i will quit. For example, this upcoming  monthly test. If I fail to get at least A, I’ll go to the class with the account subject plus semi-science ( Chemistry, Physics ) after the ‘spring-break’.

Besides that, I have new enthusiasm (is the spelling is correct?) or in other words, a new thing that I like to do. I am the member of Fencing club and I really hope that I can really in to it. (eh?)

What are the things that remain the same? Hobby~ I still listening to the music ( #np Iklim – Bukan Ku Tak Sudi ) , watching television [ new programme in 8TV Malaysia channel – Protect The Boss ( Ji Sung ❤ ) and J-Dorama ( Hungry – Mukai Osamu ❤ ) ], eating  and sleeping. He He He….

One more thing, I don’t know why this year, my craze to K-pop decreasing. J-pop, still okay. Same goes to their dramas. But, I still watch their films ( luckily, TV9 Malaysia has a special tv programme entitled ‘Saranghae’ which shows all movies from Korea ). However, thing goes vice-versa for Malay song , especially the evergreen and ‘rock kapak’ songs. Love it!

I think this is enough (is it) for today. Maybe, my next entry will be about the monthly test. Keep waiting and hwaiting!




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