Reply 1997 fever!!

Dear Violette,

There is still one episode left for this drama. Reply 1997 or called 응답하라 1997 (Eungdabhara 1997) focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming.

It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Si Won who idolizes boyband H.O.T. and her 5 high school friends.

I just know about this drama further after i listened to its OST, Our Love Like This by the 2 main actors, Jung Eun Ji (A-pink) and Seo In Guk (Winner of Superstar K). Try listen to All For You too. Both of them are daebak!

After i listened to the song, i straight away surfed to read the recaps of this drama since it must be has reaches more than 5 episodes (and i feel exhausted if i watch from episode 1 to the current one). Do you know, after i read the Episode 1-2 recap, i cannot stop to read the other episodes’ recaps. The drama makes me suffer to know who is Shi Won (Eunji) ‘s husband and who is the dad of her child. It probably Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) or his brother (Tae Woong) that also likes Shi Won. Okay, both of them care for the child as they forbid Shi Won from drinking the liquor, both of them like that-type-of-coffee-which-i-forget-its-name-but-it-has-extra-whipped-cream, the man who takes the coffee and wears the couple ring does not being showed in the drama and these things make me crazy all day wondering who is the husband of Shi Won.

I cannot wait for the last episode so that my life will not be bothered thinking who is Shi Won’s husband. If you want to watch it online, go to

p.s.: Seo In Guk & Jung Eun Ji – All For You LIVE @ M! Countdown


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