Should i feel that way?

Dear Violette,

Last week, i just finished the trial. Starting from the last day, i have received the result. Firstly, and the one that i’m awaited for, History marks. Frankly writing, i’m slightly disappointed. Because there is somebody else that get 100 marks for the paper, breaking my record for the test in March. Yes, i’m disappointed. Until i feel that i cannot answer KH paper (the last one) on that day. Until i feel i don’t want to talk to that person anymore. But, what i can do..

But, yesterday, i just realised something. Liking any subject doesn’t mean that you have to score 100 for it or getting the highest mark in the class instead the whole form 3. If you like that subject,  you will answer it with ‘love’. You will not getting too disappointed if you doesn’t get as stated before because you know you love the subject and get the highest mark is not a big issue. Why? Because if you think you have to get the highest for every subject that you like will make you stress soon you will dislike the subject slowly if you fail.

In a nutshell, just like all the subject and try to not be the one that crazy of ranking. Just relax. i’m trying to be that way. That’s why, i’m envy to those who just relax whether they get good grades or not and as example, my brother.

Insyaallah, i will post the result. i’ll keep this promise since trial (for me) not a big issue. i’m more nervous for the real PMR.

a week more to Eid. 🙂

(p.s.: today, i went to a shopping complex to buy the baju raya. It was tiring but i think i have fall in love for the first sight. i saw a boy, wore Barcelona jersey, he had his earphone on and wore a cap. Seriously, he was cool!!! i think he also wanted to buy baju raya with his family. i called him ‘Barca Boy’. i hope that one day i will meet him. please, Ya Allah…)


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