Towards the Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, trial and…. PMR.

Dear Violette,

Hi! Hello! Hey, don’t you miss me? okay, i know my last post was a few months ago but seriously, i’m busy. (clise)

Today is July 3rd. A few weeks to Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a month where Muslim does not eat, drink or do anything that might ‘cancel’ our fast. Plus, i will sit for PMR trial in August, and fasting at the same time. I want to go to the boarding school, so pray for me so i will study ‘smart’ to achieve good grades in the trial and also, not forgotten the PMR.

Me, myself doesn’t know the date of the PMR. huh, no target. I just realise that my focus is zero for this PMR, unlike UPSR. Why? Don’t ask me. Maybe because when i was sitting for UPSR, there was no a computer+internet that awaited for me at home. But, i don’t want to blame at this pitiful computer only because i’m the one who control it. (Endure?) I hope I  will gain my spirit back before the PMR because seriously i want to get 8A’s (well, that’s everyone’s hope,right?) However, a few reasons blocked me from getting the spirit back.

Firstly, stress. Well, everybody is stress but me worst. Maybe because i am the student of ‘that’ class. Secondly, the spirit to study is ‘washed away’ by ???

I hope there will be somebody that could help me. Pull me from this big problem. I don’t brave enough to share this problem to my parents, maybe because i’m not too ‘close with them. Okay, we are close but i feel there is a wall between me and them and i’m afraid they will give a negative response, unlike what i hope i will get from them after i tell them all of my problem.

EURO!! Congratulation to my favourite team, Spain!! I will support you, always! They could be an icon to me because they also strived hard for the final, right?

I can’t wait to watch Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone at TV2 this Friday!! Love it so much.



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