Dear Violette,

the title doesn’t means that this is my first entry.

the title refers to PTS ONE and Ain Maisarah who came to my school today. it was a wonderful day. thanks to my school because they organised the Nilam day. okay, let me tell a few things about the nilam day.

okay, during the assembly, Ain Maisarah gave her speech. seriously, her voice is so cuttteeeee… as cute as her face. she also gave 2 questions and who successfully answer it, they will get free book!!

then, i screamed happily because our class were chosen to participate the ‘Bengkel penulisan kreatif’ by Ain Maisarah at library!!! (okay, i’m not scream actually. it’s just a hiperbola for the happiness. library is the most comfortable place in the school) so, we listen to all tips and methods to write. seriously, after the event, my spirit suddenly becomes higher to become a novelist!!

then, recess. this is the most annoying part. somebody told me that they will be a stall sell spaghetti but there isn’t! ahhhh! i just see a candy stall and book stall. i bought 3 books respectively, 2 books of ‘Diary Mat Despatch series’ and 1 book of Ain Maisarah. i just go straightly to her (Ain Maisarah) and asked for her autograph. hah….~ it’s such a wonderful day! (i’m so regret for not bring her books that i have bought before this)

okay, that’s all for today. again, thank you to all people who involved for this wonderful day.

p.s.: Ain Maisarah is one of Malaysia’s famous novelist. Most of her readers are teenagers + children and i’m proudly say here that i’m her fan.


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