UP1 – Day 1

Dear Violette,

today, it is. the first test is Malay Language. all subjective. paper 2. it took a long time for me to finish the Section A (i) -Ringkasan. ah!! i’ve just started the next section (just 2 section since it was a test) within 5 minutes before the time ended. i wrote the short essay as fast as lightning! (okay, lie.) alhamdulillah, i could finish everything a few minutes after the time ended because the invigilator which is my History teacher busy shouted for anybody who has stapler. appreciate the moment~

recess. then, the 2nd test. Math… 10 questions + 3 structured questions which has 2 ‘sons’ at the 2nd & the 3rd. i’m confused with the stupid pie chart question , no 10 , objective. i’m just shoot without know the target and soon, i knew it was strayed away. the structured even more stupid! there was a LINEAR EQUATION WHICH IS k-3 over 2 = k+7 .. anther one is my own stupid mistake about mean… okay, don’t want to talk about it anymore. i know. it’ll B.

3o mins later, History paper. i’m happy and blackened the OMR paper with a delightful feel without knowing what will i get soon. i just target a1.

okay,that’s all for today…

p.s.: i hate this keyboard. always miss a letter. especially A.


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