Thank You , Mom!!!

Dear Violette,

okay, i know. my fault. sorry for did not visit you for almost a month long. i’m sorry,okay?

today, we’re having our lunch at KFC Subang 2 for my brother’s birthday celebration. it’s actually too early but his birthday is 2 days more so no problem,right?

do you remember of my E.O.Y result? it’s ‘not bad’ and today surprisingly my mom give me a Parker pen as a present of the result. what?!!! i thought she want to give me if i get excellent A’s in PMR next year. okay.. next year. 5 days more~~~~ i’m so nervous until i think about it last night and i did not get enough sleep. huh… i know i’m not prepare well and just read a few but i think all my friends have get ready enough… i’m so lame…

and i know whole Malaysia are now talk about Lisa Surihani & Yusry KRU wedding that will be 23 February next year. congratulation from me. 🙂 i hope both of you will be happy forever and ever.

p.s.: as usual i’ll give you a mv here. but, for this post is Malaysian song. from Yusry KRU entitled ‘Dekat Padamu’ (Near To You). Enjoy!!


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