Holiday, Kenduri & Songlap

Dear Violette,

wow!!! such a long time. actually, i want to post here last week but the ‘lazy’ word conquered me. hehe.. 🙂

okay, now i’m enjoying my holiday. last week, i came back to my hometown and i ate a lot of rambutans!!!! well, they are a type of fruit which has ‘rambut’ or hair at the outside layer and the colour are red or yellow-green. they are so sweet!!!! thank you to my grandparents’ neighbor for their kindness to give us the rambutans fresh from the tree. they plucked them.

secondly, i have to follow my parents attend the kenduri kahwin or wedding ceremony of our relatives. my mom even jot it down at the calendar. well, so many!!! most of them are teachers! this weekend,i have to go back to my hometown and attend it. huh..

lastly, SONGLAP!!! after i watched the trailer a few months ago, i really love it!!! here the trailer.

i really love the song entitled ‘Gila Judi’ by M Daud Kilau.


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