Howdy everyone!!!

Dear Violette,

here i am. back. return. after a long time. i bet you are missing me,right? (or not?) after the 3 weeks of the examination, i can touch this laptop again. actually,i have started yesterday but maybe i’m too awesome and busy until i forgot you. so sorry.

exam? okay. some of them were hard. thanks Allah for ease my mind,reduce my nervous and makes me remember almost everything that i have read.

next week will be SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). right brother and sister of Malaysian aged 17 this year? i hope all of you will pass the ‘mega exam’ with flying colours. the exam is really important to all Malaysian because it will decide our future, what work deserve for us and will we deserve to study in university or not. me? 3 years to go. next year i’ll seat PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah). although i feel relax after the E.O.Y now but i’m nervous for next year. hm…

so, what  happen during my exam? everything going well? of course although without me there right?

that’s all. i almost forgot. i have told you about the Korean pop SNSD’s comeback right? here their mv of ‘THE BOYS’.


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