Say No to Laptop, Hi (back) to the Books

Dear Violette,

i have to stop from typing this keyboard, switch on this laptop, search for ridiculous things in internet, online facebook and twitter or maybe visit my favourite website, the Youtube. seriously, i have to try.

today, a teacher (she has a title in the school) gave a useful and really meaningful advice to us. i know my target,the real target after she said it. no need to know what she said but she encouraged us to strive hard, struggling, study to get what we want. maybe,if for other students it is kinda light and insignificant for them but for us that kinda ‘alien’,it is significant.

you become my witness for this deadly promise,okay? insyaallah, if i am strong,i’ll online back November 3,2011.

p.s.: you know what,we’ll enjoy the McChicken and the french fries of McD today!! (okay, so swizzle..) enjoy the latest mv from Secret, Love Is Move mv.


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