Dear Violette,

no title above. that’s mean i don’t have any idea to put what or there are many things i want to tell you. yeah.. MANY.

two days later, the E.O.Y (end of year exam) will start. whole Selangor,Malaysia. and i’m nervous.

i have told you that my father gave my mother a microwave for their anniversary right? (or not?) but, i’m extremely shock because last friday i saw a big oven at the place where we put the microwave earlier. and that’s really waste of money + i’m felt guilty because i told him that the microwave can’t bake cake + i’m really feel sorry for him until now because he had to pay all that. even my mother is speechless and she could say just ‘thank you’.

aah.. the last thing. my school. i have heard a few scary story again. my ‘bff’ told me today (morning) that one of our school’s students (afternoon-evening- session) post on his twitter a picture he took of our school and i don’t know whether it was at the lab or the workshop but she said in the picture there is a woman-in-white-long hair. okay,i’m sorry because i still can’t find the picture. sorry~

okay,that’s all. nervous f course i am but i can’t wait for SNSD’s ‘My Boys’ at the first day of E.O.Y.!!! (you must feel curious how i still can online while the exam mood is getting hotter in the atmosphere?)



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