Latest hit Korean dramas that i want to watch

Dear Violette,

i’m back with this Korean drama stuff. i’m sure you miss about this,right? okay,today’s title is ‘Latest Hit Korean Dramas That I Want To Watch’. why the title is so long? because it’s true. after the exam had finished, i want to watch all the drama joyfully,without any obstacle.

1- Protect The Boss ( 보스를 지켜라 )

~ i’m really JEALOUS when i read the positive comments about this drama. why? the commenters must have watched it,right? (if not,how they can comment about it..) i’m the one who left behind. even my brother who doesn’t know anything about this drama had knew about it. it’s okay.. just wait for me Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jae Joong and Wang Ji Hye!!


2- The Princess’ Man ( 공주의 남자 )

~ Park Shi Hoo!! last time i watch his drama was Iljimae,and that was last year. wow! i heard this drama’s rating is not bad and the highest fr this time being. just end last thursday. plus, get to see Moon Chae Won (she’s a good actress).


3- Scent Of A Woman ( 여인의 향기 )

~ yay!!!!! my hero is back!! Lee Dong Wook jjang!! seriously, i want to watch this drama at first (earlier) but i don’t have enough free time. i read the synopsis, and it sounds sad. must watch this drama! must!


4- A Thousand Kisses ( 의 입맞춤 )

~ i try to watch this drama as it was ranked second in Mysoju. it tells about  the age differences in relationships. i read a comment and it said the drama is cute. okay,just wait.


5- Poseidon ( 포세이돈 )

~ Choi Si Won!! main cast!! again!! after Oh! My Lady,here comes our Super Junior’s member in Korean drama. the drama just started and i’m interested about this drama since i read the synopsis.

i think the drama are more than enough for me to watch. why? because i doesn’t online just only for watch drama. maybe to those who looking for latest drama to watch,i recommend these.


One thought on “Latest hit Korean dramas that i want to watch

  1. Out of the dramas you have listed I have watched PTS and SOW. Personally I enjoyed PTS more. It was hilarious and entertaining. The characters were cute and endearing. Even if you don’t find the characters aesthetically appealing they really grow on you. As for SOW, it had it’s funny moments, but man the overall nature of the drama is quite depressing. It’s not all depressing though. I don’t know how you feel about angst, but it annoys me. There was plenty of angst in there. The chemistry between the two leads – the tension was amazing. If you could touch that angst, that tension… you would burn. Well you’ve made the right decision. You should definitely watch PTS first. Btw stop by my blog and feel free to leave a comment.

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