the risky time

Dear Violette,


help me!! i know. i’m sound like the Malaysian form 3 students that will seat for PMR next week although i’m Form 2  but i have problem. it’s connected with this. if there is ‘big’ exam just like UPSR or PMR,the other students that doesn’t seat it will ‘holiday’. 🙂 but,we (the other students) will seat the End of Year exam the next week after the PMR and i think whole Selangor will seat the same paper,made by the same person.

now,there are lack of time between me and teachers and probably i’ll read alone,by myself without my teachers teach me. okay,that’s bad. what will happen if i don’t understand something? who will i refer to? starting from today, there are just 3 days left to be with my teacher. and also,the paper as i heard filled with questions from Form 1 and Form 2 subjects! okay,dear Form 3,now we’re square. you worry,and we the other students also worry.

here i am to wish Good Luck to my seniors and hope you can do them well and excellently. just relax for this time being and make sure sleep well and eat well.

p.s.: i’m getting interested with the old K-Pop song from S.E.S & ShinHwa. i put their mv of their popular song below.


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