bad addiction

Dear Violette,

this is a story. all the name,place will be a secret.

there is a girl. she has a facebook. everyday she will online. the bad consequences are after she back home from school,she will straight to her laptop and online. she may lunch 2 hours later or maybe not. she will take her bath at the dusk. imagine.. what she does in the facebook since there is nothing interesting there and just wasting time. it also make people forget their responsibilities and .. really waste time.

i also have a facebook. it is not a crime to have one but you should balance your time between facebooking and do other works. i know there are some people who love to share everything and chatting and other things they do in facebook but if it makes you default and what worst is forget to perform prayer,it is a bad things.

this is just my opinion. i’m sorry for those facebok-mania but this is just one of opinions that think facebook is just a waste of time and energy.



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