Dear Violette,

seriously, i should tell you about this yesterday,but i given short period of time by my mom yesterday.

this was happened yesterday. when i’m chatted with my friend,suddenly i saw a few people look at outside of our class. i wondered what happen. i join too. and i heard someone screaming. my friend said somebody hysteria. ee.. hysteria? at our school? how many case just now? they said that it was happen because her own mistake. i’ll not tell you the real story because it is her ‘aib’. nanti ‘benda’ tu kacau kang.

Hysteria? for those who don’t know,it’s some kind of somebody possessed by unseen or satan or ‘makhluk halus’. my conclusion,every school in Malaysia,even around the world is the place or ‘home’ for the ‘thing’.our job now is pray more,don’t leave pray,always recite doa,and don’t disturb it or do something that attract it.

okay,that’s for now. my mom said now is the exam season. so,the student are stress and start to see weird things. whatever it is,as a Muslim, we should believe that there are many things that also live in this Earth. we share the world. but,we can’t see them,but they can see us. so,beware of your action.

p.s.: the trailer of 2008 Malaysian’s movie, ‘Histeria’ trailer.


One thought on “Histeria

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