“just give up,babe..”

Dear Violette,

just now i visit my mister fb. and actually i already know that he has a girlfriend. i don’t know when did they started date but i can see the proof in fb. their dp is similar. but my question now, “should i give up?”

it’s not everyday i post about my feeling (love) in this blog. but,please accompany me. i feel frust. really. i never fall this worst with a man. and actually it’s my mistake. he’s much greater than me. i never say ‘hi’ or ‘communicate’ with him unless my brother. my bro is quite close with seniors. it’s really stupid action if i tell my brother about my feeling and ask him to arrange a blind date me-him.

stop!!! please don’t be like this. he is happy now. no need for you to ‘dengki’. if you really love him,you must let him be happy,even he likes other girl. and i think,you must give up. it is a useless action if you just wait because you,yourself know even ‘kucing bertanduk pun’ he will never like you,and knows who are you instead.

you and him just like ‘langit and kerak bumi’. so many difference. you should focus to your studies since E.O.Y is getting near and you’ll sit PMR next year.

so, that’s all. i put a trailer of Paradise Kiss,a Japanese movie released this year. sad love story too. 😥


One thought on ““just give up,babe..”

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