Dear Violette,

actually the title is not about my favourite fast-food but about tomorrow. We will enjoy the Raya feast and at the same time i’m suffering.

we(my classmates and I) will perform choir and before the feast we will celebrate the ending of the National Day. you know what, we’ll just perform one song but our teacher told us to stay until the 6th song end! (that means we’ll stand at the stage fo almost half an hour or more and huh! ) plus, we have to wear the choir outfit and we’re ‘wajib’ to wear the National clothes (baju raya) for the feast. that means we have to change the baju raya at school. at first i want to just wear the choir outfit until the end but as i remembered the PK HEM ‘warning’, i just like ….

hah! about the feast. i thought we’ll eat KFC or whatsoever since our class fund is almost ‘banyaklah jugak’ but i think we just eat the cheese macaroni + kuih raya that will be brought by us. i heard other class each students have to pay RM10 and will enjoy the KFC tomorrow. (untung KFC esok.. 🙂 )

that’s all i want to tell you. huh… bye..


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