Dear Violettte,

the 3 words above represent my feeling whether i’ll be in the same class as this year or nt for the next year, 2012.

Our teachers had blackmailed and warned us to beware. “If you want to stay in this ‘KRK’ class,do your best in End-of-Year exam. if you fail to do so, you’ll be ‘kick’ to the other class”. that’s what they said.

My conflict is i’m not sure if i can score and can i accept the fact if i’ll be in other different class. if i want to stay, i have to study hard but i’m worry if i’m stress a lot and my had will blank at the time.

The other conflict is can i accept it. as example, can i accept that i’ll be in other class and can i continue to score and focus as i’m in this class? i’m worry if i can’t focus to PMR (next year… ) because i’m too sad of the changes.

that’s what my heart said. thanks for listen. šŸ™‚

p.s.: G.Na latest album, Top Girl mv!! (can i be as her,the Top Girl?? )


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