Dear Violette,

simple title. above. it is refers to the UP2 results but i don’t want to let myself too happy because this is just a test. not an examination.

about the results,i’ll ‘reveal’ it tomorrow/ friday as long before i go back to my hometown since Aidilfitri is just around the corner which is Monday. if you think that i show off by post the result, comment below and i’ll not post about it.

you know what is Eustress? i just found it after i revise the PJ and it means a stress that doesn’t look like a stress and it can makes student like me to improve my achievement. example, you get an excellent, colourful result and you happy. that’s call Eustress. how to overcome this? improve or maintain. the bad consequence? ( you get a bad result after) you will get distress.

that’s it. actually it is good but it could be bad too. that’s what i’m afraid,really afraid off. so,that’s all.

Take Care.


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