Ujian Penilaian 2- Final Day

Dear Violette,

i am watching Spy Myeong Wool Right now so i’ve to be fast.


Tuesday, 23rd August 2011, 0745-0845 hrs


[ all about health,sport and family. objective. square, ]

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011, 1000-1100 hrs


[ at first i didn’t know what the heck of something at the last page but actually it was a drawing that we have to colour. i thought who scribble it anyway. objective + subjective. square. ]

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011, 1130-1230 hrs

Kemahiran Hidup

[ luckily i remember what i read although i just read it today,right before the test. square. all objective. ]

so,that’s all. i want to watch Spy Myeong Wool. happy because final day of the test. i will announce the result before i go back to my hometown.



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