2nd week of fasting month

Dear Violette,

here we come. the 2nd week of Ramadhan. then,there still left 2 more weeks to fast. next week,i’ll be sit for UP3 that is kinda important for me.

the break’s food getting decrease day by day. hmm. that’s fine.

last Sunday,i watched one of Ultraman Mebius at TV2 in Malaysia. the main point was ‘people afraid to be lonely’. i think it’s ‘true’. i’m afraid to be alone. i want to have a lot of friends. but,i’m lack of communication skills. (how honest am i?)

ha.. and i am head over heels via KAT-TUN, a Japanese pop boy band under Johnny’s Entertainment. and also, with other boy band under J.E.

KAT-TUN latest song, RUN FOR YOU take 1st spot in Oricon chart. Congratulation!

so,that’s all. i love KAT-TUN <33333!

happy watch the PV!


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