Super Junior: will always be the best among all the South Korean music group

Dear Violette,

yeah! that’s it! the title is true. i hope many people will comment below there but it’s okay. at least i can post something about this boyband. if i have post something about them before, it’s okay,right?

Mr Simple

talk about Super Junior, for me they just like my oppa (brother). that’s because i don’t have any brother and i just pick somebody whom i like as my brother ‘secretly’ (without their knowledge’.

you know what i’m doing right now? watch the mv for a few times so my oppa will get higher views day by day and if possible i want the views to be more higher than SNSD’s mv. (oopss..)

Super Junior is the beginner. the starter of everything about k-pop. believe it. maybe different people different k-pop song they listened earliest. Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry is the first k-pop mv that i had watched ever while the Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry song is the first song i downloaded by using 4shared (that i just know at that time) ever!!

actually now Super Junior is hot with their comeback album ‘Mr Simple’. i’m watching their mv right this second. i hope their album will be ‘Album of the Year’ in 2011. (i heard SNSD will comeback this September?) i want to buy their album (a Version) but since i lived in Malaysia, no hope. the Mr Simple mv was unleashed yesterday but i put it here today.

so,don’t forget to watch the mv. if you want to add the views,you must add the mv in new playlist and let it keep repeat(autoplay) by itself. if you refresh,then it’s nothing. if you want to do it,make sure you have Youtube account.

happy watching!


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