Don’t go,patience!!!

Dear Violette,


4 days today. and it just one day that i can come back home early. the other 3 days? ‘hampehhhh…’

hypothesis? it is depend who will enter my class at the last period. i’m tired. it has been 3 days. you know,being a KRK student is no easy and all their teacher really have many info and knowledge to tell them. until they do not realise what time is it. ooh.. and another factor that i could take, no clock in my class (so lame,right?)

is the hypothesis can be accepted? yes. it. is. and it has become my main problem in this precious month of Ramadhan. imagine… do i have to come back late along this fasting month and have to wait for my van just like to wait for the cat to have horn??!!

actually,i can’t blame to my van’s driver. i came back home early yesterday but today.. fail! what am i worry the most is my ‘reward’ will be decrease when i complaining every time my van’s driver pick me up late. that’s it.

so,let’s help me to train myself to be patient more in this month. please…



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