Ahlan Wasahlan,ya Ramadhan!

Dear Violette,

today is the 1st day of Ramadhan,which is the 9th month in Hijrah calandar. hmm… things not going right. i have flu and dizzy. means, i don’t have any ‘appetite’ to do anything.

talks about Ramadhan… it is a precious month where all muslim have to fasting (not eat/drink/do anything that make our fast invalid) usually,at the evening,near to break there will be many stalls at bazaar. one of famous dish is ayam percik,kuih-muih,and murtabak. and the most important dish is ‘bubur lambuk’!!!!

i go back home earlier,35 minutes early. my brother? hmmm… the afternoon/evening session are really fortunate. they just be at school for 5 hours while on Friday, 3 hours!! 😦

okaay,that’s all. happy celebrate this precious Ramadhan and happy fasting to all Muslims all over the world!!


One thought on “Ahlan Wasahlan,ya Ramadhan!

  1. Datang dari seberang, saya mengucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa

    seraya memperknealkan diri dan silaturrahmi. semoga amal kita dibulan

    suci ini terhitung sebagai ibadah disisi Allah. amin…

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