not perfect

Dear Violette,

i’m now filled with that unwanted things that just scribbled my mind. okay,but i reallllllyyyyy miss you!

the title is related to my previous post. but,things going worst and i need someone who can hear to my heart says.

last Monday,(this week) my classmates and i experienced something that we never thought of. scold of teacher.

the last period was my class teacher’s. well, she said that she really ‘dislike’ to get our class and be the class teacher because she just meet us once a week and… ‘many things happen’

we have to stand for quarter of the 2 period and we didn’t studied,although a bit.

i’ve experienced this kind of ‘babbling’ before but i just afraid that my friends can’t take it. yeah.. happen to me when i’m 12 years old in my primary school. this is what you get if you’re the hope of the school. stressful.. as what i said before. beside the achievement in test & exams,our manners and attitude too. teacher said that we didn’t greet other teacher when we meet them at corridor,canteen or anywhere else. we look boast. and,we didn’t smile.. yelah tuuu… sometimes,the teacher that we greet didn’t reply ours and just ‘menonong jalan ke depan’. i take it as they didn’t listen or they replied in their heart but about the smile.. ah… i feel like now i’m a princess who has to learn the castle protocol.

that’s all. i don’t want to open other people’s aib.


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