Dear Violette,

the tagline above always make me nervous,sad,worry of what will happen to all Harry Potter’s fans (include me) at the future. the movie still in cinemas and we still can catch it but after a few weeks? 😦

my fav magic  movie ever

that is one of the theatrical poster.

let me tell you how i know this wizard boy.

in 2007,i’m 10 years old which at the same time Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix released. there was somebody in my class looks alike Daniel Radcliffe who potray Harry and everybody called him Harry Potter. i don’t know whether he comfortable with the nickname but i’m sure it make him famous. at the same year,TV3 Malaysia showed Harry Potter and the philosopher stone in Mega Movie slot and i really enjoyed watched it. Since the time,i fell in love with harry Potter. i read all Harry’s books (mostly i borrowed it from my kind friend because the books are expensive and my mom will not pleasant if i read that type of book)

and the next 2 years, i’m 12 years old and took UPSR and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released. i followed its news until now (but the level of obsession is not as worst as the early i love it) and when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows released last year,i just realised that after this,there’ll be no more Harry,Ron and Hermoine for me. what will left just memories and the actors/actress that grown up years after years and star in other movies.

that’s my opinion.


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