Open Day

Dear Violette,

fuhh~ so relieve~ comes to the end.

today is Open Day in my school. Open Day? it’s not a day that open just like the doors. it’s kinda a ‘meeting’ between parents & teachers.

i asked my parents to come early but… late. luckily,i can watched the Coffee Prince today. okay,for the first 2 hours,my real class teacher met the parents. okay,the problem is she’s really talked much,even the parents didn’t ask that much. you know what, each parents for each student took time about 20 minutes and maximum is 30 minutes! woahh! i’m really ‘proud’ of my teacher.

then,the next 2 hours is our English mother got to be with her. it just take at least 10 minutes. but,i’m really frustrated with her.. (i think if it goes to my class teacher~)

whatever it is,now i’m at home in comfortable situation.


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