Corn! Fruits!

Dear Violette,

the title is for our class’ stall. name? let it be secret.

1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia!

first, we watched the tv live from Taiping ,Perak.but,we still not run even after they had finished the countdown. then, our principal gave her speech. then, exercise & warm up. i can’t follow because the instructor is too ‘agressive’ (well,she is not from our school).

then,Run!!!!!!! but,i was not running. walk and walk. after finished,then i bought a spagheti since there are 7 stalls. aah.. and i also bought a fruit pickle (rojak).

then,i ate it while waiting for my shift to manage the stall. seriously,when my shift come,the nasyid competition started. i want to watch it but~

my stall sold corn (honey & chocolate) and fruit (papaya,honew dew,watermelon). result? ok-lah~

actually,now i’m still miss my brother who going for camping!



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