A Beautiful Mind (isn’t it?)

Dear Violette,

today,i read my friends’ Mag Inc. (they wrote about Schizophrenia) and i found 2 films that related to it, A Beautiful Mind and The Soloist. while the title is the first film,i’ll talk about it.

It tells about a great mathematician who suffered paranoid schizophrenia named Nash. but, what i remember (after read the film review in Wikipedia) his roommate,Charles is also a delusion too.

why i talk about this? because i’m really afraid that i will have it. after i read the symptoms,i have a few from them.

~Social isolation

yeah… i’m always alone. especially for this time being. and i currently talk to myself (just me) and sometimes being in my own world. -.- i hope that i don’t have it. as a muslim,we can cure it by increase our prayers,recite the Al-Quran and try to get close with other people.

yeah.. that’s all.


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