Huh?! Healthy Relationship?

Dear Violette,

there are my friends who participate Mag inc. competition and their mag’s title is ‘Healthy Relationship‘.

today,they interviewed me about it. i just said that without the healthy relationship,our study will be mess! is it okay?

okay,and at the same time,my freaky friends start to stay away from me. i guess. unhealthy relationship. yes,i know. (luckily,they didn’t know about this blog)

actually,maybe caused by the distance of our seat. yeah.. the change of the seat. @_@

so,i think they offended when i sent my Math book early with my another friend (my another friend is also their best friend)

so,when i went to their seat to pay a visit,they sarcastically said “Here comes the smart girl“. ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so,now you feel what i felt. how the feeling being ignored. at least, you’re BOTH! me? ALONE!

i hope they’ll okay tomorrow. i never forget them. but why they not ask me to change seat near them (willingly i can) just like my another friend did to her friend? an unanswered question..

that’s all. i’m not an unloyal friend but when the time suit,i will be.


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