Cold Day

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

today,you’ll have different name since your name is too ‘unique’. now,your name is ‘Violette’ because i love Violet flower.

okay… restarting blog..

Dear Violette..

안녕하세요! 한국어 일!

today, cold day. from early morning until now (when i post this entry). i still remember the last all day long cold was when tsunami hit Japan. i always remember the days because that is my sad day. (refer previous post,Rainy Day)

violence. seriously. you know what,today one of my freaky-friend absent. and my another ‘freaky-friend’ sit at her seat. and me.. leave alone.

today is really cold and cool. i enjoyed the drama played by my classmates and i laughed a lot! fighting the coldness that tight me.

okay, i just want to promo my class stall this saturday (we have to school because of the tagline ‘Satu Murid,Satu Sukan’) we will sell strawberry & marshmallow dipped chocolate (yummy!), steam corn with milk & chocolate, nachos and more! don’t forget to pass by our stall okay?

so, Violette. remember! now your name is Violette. so,



One thought on “Cold Day

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