Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

lonely~ i am so lonely~ until drive me crazy~~

ahh! the problem is not at home. but,at school. there’s my ‘beloved’ friend that change the place and put me far away from my friends… my best friends… (for this time being). so,where am i? a place far from ‘them’. and i saw they are really happy without me. me? just keep silent and have to sit beside somebody that not really close to me. ahh… but,today i got some excitements. CHEER! just watched the cheerleading performance from each of sport’s house. but,just a while. when the teacher announced and i heard that my sport’s house got last, -,- ~don’t know what to say~

i hope that my friends wouldn’t forget me and i will never forget them. insyaallah. i hope i can focus to studies and still can studies with the new atmosphere of my seat.

p.s.: actually,there are many songs theme by loneliness. but,as a BlackJack,i choose 2NE1-Lonely mv. watch & enjoy!


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