Hands Up!!!

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

yeah!! Hands Up! for summer! but me hands up for holiday (although just 3 days,and tomorrow last day.. šŸ˜¦ )

now,my friends whom really ‘active’ are actively sweating at the field of UITM Shah Alam. yeah.. Sport’s Day of my school. me? inactive. offline. weak.. unsweat. (because there is a fan above my head)

i still remember how hate i am to my teacher who kidding around about the holiday when my classmates enjoyed at camping. how suffer am i at the day. but i just come a day (the other ‘absent’. just 2 days) and i could watch ‘Cinta Fitri’!

i bet you must be confuse what is Cinta Fitri? well,actually it is Indonesian Drama (sinetron) now showed at Malaysia television. unfortunately, i can’t watch it everyday because i still at school (1230) and how i am going to watch it? i start to fall in love with it because i watched it during Break Term.

and not be forgotten, Coffee Prince (Korean Drama) in NTV7. šŸ™‚

okay since the title is Hands Up,i’ll put 2PM latest mv from latest album, entitled Hands Up too.. Enjoy.. šŸ˜€


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