The Worst & Best Day ever

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

today,i felt like i’m lied by my teacher. he said earlier that we will holiday today & tomorrow. but, we have to school today & we do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i promise to myself that i will skip class tomorrow. there just 9 students from my class that came. i bet our friends that go to the camp must be laughing at us right now!!!

but what happy today,i can watch Cinta Fitri for 2 minutes!!! actually at first i didn’t realize that i reached home earlier than always. then,i saw at my television screen and i saw…. FITRI!!! my mom said that she had moved from Aldo’s house and rent a house. today is episode 27.

私はとても幸せだ!! 😀

so that’s all. さようなら!


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