Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers in the world!!!

Dad, Happy Father’s Day.i’m sorry because i never give you anything for previous Father’s Day. maybe,for this year,i’ll give you a card … but it’s because my mother force me. ahh….

okay,this is my word. if you not understand,maybe you could open the dictionary or Google Translate.

Dear Dad,

firstly, thank you..

for everything.

without you,my world will be lonely and zero. 0000

without you maybe i have been working at the young ages.

without you maybe i got nothing to be eaten.

without you maybe i will not study at school just like other children.

Dad,i’m really sorry.

for made you angry & feel annoyed.

for ignore your orders & advices.

for talking back after you talk to me.

for always make you tired with my argument with brother.

ahh.. dad. i’m not expert in making beautiful poem,unlike Shakespeare.



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