Freaky Friday?

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

today,we got the corrected mark sheet by our teacher and i actually on 4th. WTH!!!!!! i don’t tell my mom because i don’t want to disappoint her. just let me disappointed alone here.

yah.. that’s what freaky about today which is Friday.

but what’s more ‘freaky’ is ‘Freaky Friends’.seriously,now i’m really afraid to my freind from group B.they’re getting worst and day by day i think i’m not appropriate to be friend with them. why? because when i want to talk about homework,they gossiping. when i want to talk about previous drama that has end,as example Nora Elena but they talk about sale. i think that the way i think is not same as theirs. how i want to talk much with them when that’s only me that have to give up by just follow their topic or just keep silent? ahhh!!!!!

so that’s all. gotta play games at they provide many best games. Sayonara!!!


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