the days after holidays

i’m sorry M.I.L.N.A.L,

i should write this entry 2 days ago.actually i’m not busy with homework but busy play games.the days after holidays? i got exam paper and my science result is horrible! ah! but before that,let me ask you a question,yellow spot a.k.a fovea is different than retina and also the function but why teacher say yes? retina functioned as photoreceptor while fovea acts to the image that falls on it and send to retina! what happen to my dear science??!!!!

i’ve got more than one Bs and the worst is Science.. ahhh i can’t explain to my parents.they will be ask me with annoyed question such as, “didn’t you revise?”,”you just online and forget about exam” & blablabla…

so? what’s your opinion? i miss my science teacher who MC because she want to give offspring.teacher,i hope you and the baby are healthy & please come to teach us as soon as possible. 😦 we miss you.

another one! Sport’s Day in my school just around the corner and teachers are going too far! if students doesn’t come for the training,demerit!!!! dear teachers,don’t all of you think if we busy with homework or there no vehicle for us to go to school or going back home? don’t you think? and plus,if we don’t have any talent in sports,do you still want to force us? i’m not expert in running and all of that and i don’t want to mach or cheerleading just like ….. !

ahh.. i’m relieve now.luckily there’s you M.I.L.N.A.L… love you!

p.s.: M.I.L.N.A.L is actually my blog to any


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