Nora Elena

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

if you ask me what is the best of latest romantic drama that i watched,i’ll answer-Nora Elena..

my favourite drama

Adapted from the novel ‘Kasih Yang Suci’ by Meen Zulaikha,it tells about a girl named Nora Elena Bt Nordin who been raped when she was 15 years old.then,it tells the latest Elena who had engaged with Saiful Idham,a man who kinda ‘workaholic’.Saiful Idham or called Eid always ignore Elena.

at the same time,yes.this is the persona of the hero.Ahmad Seth Tan Abdullah.he’s Eid’s boss & Elena best friend,Maria Tan’s brother.actually,Seth had liked Nora (he called her that) since they bumped at Kg Jaya Sepakat,Mersing,Johor. Nora/Elena (can i call her Nora?) best friend/roommate,Adilla get to know with Amir, whom they met when they played bowling. actually,Amir is the one who raped Nora but i don’t sure if Seth because in the novel,it was Seth.

now,it’s Episode 10 (today).tomorrow will be,Nora & Seth had married and i can’t wait to see their funny moments together,often appeared in novels.truthfully,i love Nora with Seth because Seth is really loyal to her since 10 years ago.ahh.. at the same time,i just realise the presence of Aaron Aziz as Seth Tan who looked really smart in the drama.before this,although i’ve knew Aaron Aziz acted in Emil Emilda,he’s kinda low profile.


Aaron Aziz as Ahmad Seth tan Abdullah

Siti Saleha as Nora Elena Nordin

Erry Putra as Amir

and more….

if you want to watch it go and if you want to go to Aaron Aziz’s blo go okay?

-bye… don’t forget to watch Nora Elena on TV3,every Monday-Thursday, 1900-2000 hours in Akasia slot or if you missed it,you can watch at Tonton!!! go Aaron Aziz & chaiyok Siti Saleha!! –


p.s: this is the trailer.although the drama has showed,i really please to put it here.


11 thoughts on “Nora Elena

  1. wow..terpukau dgn drama nih…dont know but i’m very fall in love of this drama.. segala2nya mmg best, cause i minat sangat le dgn si aaron ni..macho n gentleman mcm husband i jugak..hehehe! setiap hari i mesti duk terpacak dpan tv..tak leh miss..nyosal klu miss even 1 saat pun., para actor n actress, you are really makes me believe that i’m in the story…tahniah amc.. so..bikin crita bagus2 lagi..bab taste org msia bkan crite ganas2..betui tak…

    • betul. and Malaysian punya taste bukan cerita hantu,tahayul segala macam tu.kan bagus novel yang pernah dapat sambutan hangat pun diadaptasi jadi filem atau drama.. betul tak?

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