Day 5 & 6

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

sorry for a long time there aren’t post from me.this is my report.

day 5:

Math!!!! okay.the paper 2 is quite confusing.thanks to my Math teacher who accidentally watch us scold me at no.8 fuhhh… okay.pj. i didn’t read anything & just ‘hentam kromo’. Math paper 1 is 🙂 my class teacher did it… quite easy..

day 6:

okay.. art.. & drawing.actually at first i don’t know which one i want to first,i want to draw the weird creature but i can’t imagine,i choose to draw the dustbin full of rubbish.okay,i satisfy.for KH,i think i’ve line clear..

that’s all.


this entry was post today,which is the Mid-year exam is flying away from me!!


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