Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

THERE ARE 3 DAYS MORE TO GO TO M.Y.E!!!! i still not study for form 1! today,we’d arrange our place follow to our first alphabet of our name. i sit at the really front which is my face just a few cm’s from whiteboard. i just afraid that my naughty classmates who love to play the stupid game that throw-duster-whiteboard and the duster will land at my face! ah!

refer to the title,maybe i’ll post update of my M.Y.E in WordPress or i’ll collect it first & post after the M.Y.E will come to the end. i think i still can online but just to do www.score-a.com or www.cikgu2u.com to test my mind…

okay,that’s all. i hope you readers will have a good day. here,i want to share IU’s mv-Good Day!


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