Mid Year Exam Poem

Mid-year Exam,

the 2nd of scariest exam after End-year Exam,

Consists of all subjects that we learn in class,

Malay & English,

Language Lessons,

Essay,Literature & Summary,

Ringkasan,Pemahaman,Bahan Rangsangan,Karangan,Komsas,


The scariest subject,

Consists of number,add,minus,multiply,divide,

and now algebraic expression,angle,integer,ratio,


About life..

You’re not pass it,you better die..

Religion (Islam),

About religion-lah,

Everything subjective,

No OMR..

History & Geography,

Connected together,

You love History doesn’t mean you love Geo..

60 question -OMR

Living skills,

We,the PK’s students,

learn account & business..

Art,PJ & Civic,

Unimportant but the score will recorded too..

I HATE ART!!! -don’t you get it?!!


PJ 🙂

so,that’s all about M.Y.E,

better prepare earlier,

not at eleventh hour,

it’s just around the corner,

You know when?

4 days later…


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