Between ERT, PK & KT

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

because of you i can’t focus on math..hehe,’s my fault too.

actually,the title above is not relate to’s relate to KH WHICH IS in English is Living my school,there are 3 parts (actually 4 but it’s depend on the school) which is ERT,PK & KT. (the 4th should be Agriculture)

1) ERT (Ekonomi Rumah Tangga a.k.a housewife’s skill)

this is what my mom wants me to learn about.luckily,i take PK because it chosen by class & my class chosen for about Housewife’s Skill,all of us can imagine with the cooking & sewing’s not i hate it because i’ll do all those thing because i’m still a girl but i think that it’s enough i learn it at home (?)

2)PK (Perdagangan & Keusahawanan a.k.a Business Skill)

this is my favourite because it’s just like alternative options if there’s aren’t any jobs for us.this can make us survive.i think i want to take account because i started to fall in love in making the Account Book although i’m not an expert anymore.

3)KT (Kemahiran Teknikal a.k.a. Technical Skill)

this is absolutely appropriate for boys.all about the construction project & electrical project.

actually,we still have to learn the Basic although we take PK/KT/ERT. whatever it is,i want to wish good luck to all my friends!

Study smart,not study hard


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