Mid-Year Examination

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

Math is getting harder by days.so the other subject.the Mid-Year Exam is getting near.i really worry..

i’m worry if i forgot the formulas of Math.really.as example,the Ratio.it tooks me a few minutes to recall back when i did exercise.i’m really afraid if my mind will blank in Paper 2 and i forgot how to make the ‘jalan kerja’.

for language subject (i take English & Malay because i live in Malaysia) is my fear factor if it come to Paper 2-construct word.i’m better in Malay but English….. i’m afraid if i can’t connect the relationship of each words in a story & usually i just manage to construct short paragraph.. Dear Allah,help me…

for Science,since my science teacher can’t go to school now because she’ll give birth around the corner & i’ve got no teacher to teach me.luckily,the teacher teach fast & we now had in the Chapter 3-Biodiversity that will be in the Science Paper.i just worried about,the Human Sense.i worry if i can’t remember the name,function & where it is.

for Religion/PI (I’m Muslim) just KBKK’s questions.& this really similar to my old religion school exam paper.for this,i’ve to read,memorise & understand.kinda hard.if i forget even a piece,i’m gonna die.

for the other 3 important subjects,everything is OBJECTIVE.all i need to do is read,memorise the fact,understand the question because sometime the question sounds different but the fact is still same.-60 questions-

& not forgotten the other 4 unimportant subject but it’ll also recorded in my file,less worry.. 🙂  but it’s still hard.especially ART.the 3 alphabets.is really SCARY.i absolutely hate ART which is the drawing one.but when it comes to drama/sing, i love it..

so,that’s all about my exam.i hope i can score well & still at top5 in my class.



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