i am not supid!!

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

there’s a deep meaning in the title.really deep.remember the Students’ Appreciation Day in my school? yesterday and congratulation to my self.study harder & make sure get it again next year.

at the night before the big day,i’d watching the Singaporean movie,I am Not Stupid too at NTV7 Malaysia.the movie is just terribly awesomely great!!!!!!!!!!

tell stories of 2 family,rich & poor but their similarities are their parents ignore their feelings.the rich family, Tom & Jerry while the poor one CengChai which is Jerry’s bff.

Tom is in primary school(maybe) and he’s joined theatre.but,his parents ignore his request to watch him play.Jerry & Cengchai problem with their Chinese language and really problematic+gangsterisme. ooh,before i forget,Tom thought that his friend (i don’t remember her name) is pregnant because of him.. so funny.

whatever it is,the message is still one.the adult should see & appreciate what the younger/teenagers ability.don’t continuously see their weakness & always blame on them.the movie is so sad until i’m crying.. 😦

for the big day,i’m really thankful to my teachers because organize a ceremony to appreciate us(students) and not forgotten to the parents who make time to come to this big day… 🙂



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