The Guitarist

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

I have new story.My school Appreciation Day will be tomorrow,so today there’s rehearsal just for the performer.shortcut,there are 2 group that will perform.

First,there will be group that will ‘nasyid’.actually,secretly i love the vocal of the main vocal,he’s handsome too but he’s the playboy of the year.even my best friend likes,i’m back off.they have good voice (3 main vocal) & there’s four music percussion that they used.

another & last group that will perform is choir.they will sing 2 songs and the first song they will be 2 guitarist play the acoustic,my group B friend & another one my class teacher’s son.they play really good.

what meant with the title is my group B’s friend.she’s a girl so people will be awesome with her & talent.i’m not jealous.but,the way of the group A terrific is really TERRIFIC! as they are her best they support her.imagine if i’m the one who playing the guitar,they wouldn’t say “Go!Go!Woah!” to me.Believe it.

i’m also proud of my friend that really talented in playing guitar until i feel i want to learn how to play the electric guitar (ROCK!)

so,till here.i’ll tel you the School Appreciation Ceremony tomorrow.gotta be a long day.. 🙂


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